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Thermocol Insulation

Thermocol Insulation Sheets

RedBird Packaging India is a company that is widely and deeply engrossed in the manufacturing of thermocol insulation products. These thermocol insulation products are also put to use in various industrial and household variations.

One of the major products manufactured and distributed by RedBird Packaging India is the thermocol insulation sheet and thermocol pipe section for insulation. Various industrial and household scenarios like F&B, transport, industrial refrigeration makes use of these sheets too. Compared to the commonly used PUF, thermocol sheets offer more insulation accompanied with a cost-effective stature.




Theromocol Pipe Insulation

We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of Thermocol EPS Pipe insulations in India. These thermocol Pipe insulations are mainly used for safeguarding the internal temperature of ducting used for transmitting cool and compressed air from the external surrounding temperature. They are also used for packaging thin and long objects.

Its Thermocol pipe sections are manufactured with good thermal resistance, excellent chemical resistance, fine heat resistance and dimensional stability. All the hot and cold insulation products can be customized as per the requirements or specifications of the clients.

Thermocol Slabs

We are considered to be one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of this highly commendable Themocol Slab. Owing to its reasonable pricing and availability in several specifications, the offered product has a high preference in the market. Manufactured in compliance with the set industry norms and guidelines, Thermocol Slab quality is highly standardized.

These thermocol slabs are fabricated using advanced technology and quality raw material, which is sourced from our reliable vendors in the market. Our range of this product is highly appreciated for its optimum performance and lightweight.


Thermocol Insulation for Food Preservation

Insulation is a particular one kind of layer that is used to protect any kind of pipelines, cold storages, boilers, tanks and machineries of the temperature. We are a leading manufacturer & supplier of thermocol insulation products in India which are used for food preservation. Our mission is to promote energy conservation through the use of insulation during building, cold storage, and medical industries.

Thermocol Insulation is useful in cold storage for food preservation. Some foods stay longer at low temperatures, cold stores are the logical approach to the problem. Therefore, advantages of thermal insulation lining in the roofs, walls and floors of storage chambers.

Thermocol Insulation for Cold Storage

The efficiency of insulation depends on the Thermal conductivity of the insulating material. The lower your thermal conductivity, the less heat is transferred and the better is your insulation performance. Depending on the size and use of cold rooms, cold rooms can be broadly classified as Walk-in Cold Room and warehouse cold storages. Thermocol insulation for cold storages is designed for a fast and easy cold room assembly. We provide Thermocol Insulation Cold Storage at the best price in India.

Thermocol insulation for cold storage is the most cost-effective and durable core material. It has much lower water-absorption over time, as compared to Polyurethane foam (PUF), and therefore retains its insulating properties better over the years.

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